Detector multifunctional pentru metal, voltaj si stifturi

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Laser levelling, layout and stud locating on vertical and

horizontal surfaces

Wood, metal and live wire detection-detects wood up to

3/4rdquo;depth (20mm)

180 degree pivoting laser plane with level and plumb vials

20rsquo; laser line projection onto work surface with 90 degree


Two self contained hang pins to mount unit to work

surface(vertical or horizontal)

LCD sensing and mode display with new target graphics

LED display with continuous live wire detection

Thumb dial adjustable feet for levelling the laser

Easy key pad operation

Ergonomically designed for comfort and grip

Requires a 9V battery

Size (HxWxD):180mmtimes;67mmtimes;38mm

Weight: 180g

Accessories: 9V battery, Clamshell