Cleste ampermetric (clampmetru) digital Mastech – MS2000G


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Power measurement of 3-phase 3-wire, 3-phase 4-wire, single-phase mode

V, A, W, VA, VAR, KWh, PF, Hz measurement

Double display two parameters on eash menu and store 28 groups of measurement parameter

Measure total power value and five power parameters of each phase in 3-phase measurement mode respectively

Autorange and TRMS display

With PC RS232 interface and windows graphics software

Display measurement time and select tested signal be power supply for the clamp at one time, the instrument can measurement for long time

Large LCD display, multifunctional button control


Max conductor size :Phi;50mm

AC current(A):40/100/400/1000Aᄆplusmn;2%

AC voltage(V):100/300/600Vᄆplusmn;1.2%

Active power(kW):4/10/40/100/600kWᄆplusmn;3.0%

Apparent power(kVA):4/10/40/100/600kVAᄆplusmn;3.0%

Power factor(PF):0.3cap to 0.3indᄆplusmn;0.02%

Reactive power(KVAR):4/10/40/100/600kVARᄆplusmn;4.0%

Active energy(kWh):10/100/1000/10000kWhᄆplusmn;3.0%

Frequency(Hz):20 ~ 1000Hz 0.5%

Display:4 digits LCD 9999

Power supply:4 x 1.5V AA

Operating temperature:0C ~ 40C

Dimensions:300mm x 103mm x 51mm

Weight Approx.:500g

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